Mr. Sweet's first employment's were as a child prodigy where he attained national prominence and performed
for many years while on the road in dance (Tap & Jazz) and musical tours before audiences under the limelight of the
dance segment of the entertainment industry all the while pioneering the era of the " Traveling Orchestra ".
Largely self-educated, upon reaching maturity, Mr. Sweet's interests shifted to the provision of sound and
lighting systems for the entertainment industry. Having owned three stores selling acoustical and electrical sound equipment and
having designed and installed numerous, large scale rock, country band, audio entertainment and
business sound systems, Mr. Sweet has studied and worked with acoustics and electrodynamics for years.
Led by unlimited curiosity and by an unending desire to more deeply understand the fundamentals of acoustics and
electromagnetics, Mr. Sweet gained day-by-day practical hands-on experience in pioneering new designs
and differing conceptions for his audio, acoustical, electrical, & computer systems circuit designs.
It was by virtue of this hard-won experience that Mr. Sweet was prepared for and enabled to initiate an under-
standing and acceptance of the radical implications of his new visions towards the geometric alignments and
fundamental force fields of the physics of acoustical and electrodynamic systems.
(As quoted by J. P. "Fortune 500")